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After more than 6,000 hours logged just on Unturned, I had smartened up about the gaming and server atmosphere

I grew sick of

  • Pay-To-Win servers that made the game unfair for everyone, and gave the wealthy an edge in game-play.

  • Rented servers that would go down because the owner didn't care about the server, or he couldn't afford to pay rent.

  • Banner or Video Ads in servers. Some players don't have great computers, and nobody likes to watch adverts.

  • Voting Websites. Voting is extremely annoying for players, and some players could barely open voting web-pages due to the insane amount of advertisements displayed on such websites.

  • Poorly hosted servers. Some servers I've come across were still using slow 2000's hardware like DDR2 RAM.

  • Crappy, unhelpful, discriminatory moderators, staff, and owners that act like they own everything.

Here is a page that explains all of the topics above

Which is why we made our franchise. Because we could no longer find quality servers that hold themselves to good, high standards. I host for free, I pay all of the electricity costs, and so do my fellow server-hosters. We do not make any money besides donations, and all donations go right back into the servers. Nor do we ever plan to ever add any of the unfair, terrible things we grew sick of.

So please, enjoy our servers for as long as you wish to, and maybe consider joining the staff team,

hosting a server with us, or simply donating to support the development of the servers.

Ex Staff -

The RA does not promote witch hunting or etc against any group of peoples or individuals. The below section is just for keeping track of who previous staff were and when/why they were dismissed. Please do not go out to bother / antagonize the following users.

Sledge Hoster - Joined March 10th, 2018 - Left April 15th, 2019 - Fired /w Aggression

Was apart of the effort /w newlogan to sabotage the RA/RASF

Head Moderator - Joined N/A - Left April 15th, 2019 - Fired /w Aggression

Was a long-time RA member, and RASF moderator. While the leader was on hiatus he took the opportunity to form a Discord group full of people to plan out a way to sabotage the RA/RASF. They had been planning for nearly a month gathering more people, and they were found out once they tried to delete and bring mayhem to the Discord

Discord Moderator - Joined N/A - Left March 12, 2019 - Quit

Was a simple game/discord mod. One day left the franchise with no explanation or talking at all. He also quit the RoyalArms itself.

Game Moderator - Joined June 10th, 2018 - Left August 19th, 2018 - Quit

Just a simple guy that became moderator. After doing a whole lot of nothing we were going to kick him off the staff team relatively soon. But he up and left the franchise with no explanation or talking to anyone at all.

Ekho Hoster - Joined March 10th, 2018 - Left March 29th - Formally Resigned

Hosted a single Unturned server, but then soon hosted another one, as well as a Minecraft server. One day he claimed he wanted to host on his own (for unknown reasons), so we formally archived the data and left.


Game Moderator - Left March 14th - Fired

Seemed like a great charismatic moderator, very relaxed, friendly. But abuse reports came in multiple times. The first report was legitimate abuse, but we let it slide because we had never told him what to do in such a situation (we taught him what he should do next time) but he continued to abuse, including /tp ing around to locations in vanish and or god mode. He also was rude towards anyone that had reported abuse against him E2

He was eventually caught /tp ing to confederation bridge. He then proceed to loot confed while in vanish, then went out of vanish and shot a player that was coming to confed. E1

Hoster - Left March 3rd - Quit

Said he wanted to setup a server and start hosting with our franchise. He put us on his VPS and we set everything up. Soon after he abruptly left the franchise discord, and unfriended us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He came back two weeks later to say he left because he thought hosting was 'boring'.

Game Moderator - Left February 7th - Dismissed

Good moderator. However, he did not meet standards (Activity)

Game Moderator - Left January 2018 - Fired

Was a good moderator untill reports of abuse came flooding in. Many reports could not be verified as true, but a good chunk of them were clear indications of abuse. He was fired soon afterwards.

Dragonfang Hoster - Left December 15th, 2017 - Formally Resigned

Hosted a single server named Dragonfang. He formally resigned, stating he wasn't too sure about his hosting hardware being able to host the servers properly - promised to come back when he had proper hardware.

Bluntforce Hoster - Left Nov 18th, 2017 - Quit

Hosted a single server nicknamed Bluntforce. He abruptly left and when we checked his servers they were completely changed, and were no longer RA Official. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sabertooth Hoster - Left Sept 17th, 2017 - Quit

Agreed to host a server for the franchise, and hosted Sabertooth I on Russia. Things seemed alright, but things were questionable. After connecting to the Sabertooth hosting machine I noticed Yuffel gave himself admin and spawned things in - which is against the rules. He also acted like a troll, and at times the server was not online for no reason provided. Before we could formally kick him from the hosting team he abruptly left the franchise and stopped hosting entirely.

Eaglefire Hoster - Left Oct 11th, 2017 - Quit /w Aggression

After a while of being friends with Rain he agreed to host on one of his spare machines. Everything worked fine and the servers were started. But after a while a certain user named Blue came along. Foxx knowingly allowed Blue to also use the PC. Blue used his position to turn off Eaglefire servers and later down the road wipe all the data on the servers. Foxx fully understood what Blue was doing to the servers yet did not take the appropriate action to warn, punish, or stop Blue. Foxx was going to be dismissed for being an unreliable hoster but simply revoked access to the machine before we could formally do so.

Afterwards he, Blue, and others made a multitude of rants/posts on the /r/Unturned reddit - 1 2 3

Server Mod - Left Oct 4th, 2017 - Formally Resigned

Initially he kinda hosted a server with us during the franchises alpha stages, after the franchise went dead for a few months it came back, and when it did he asked to get moderator back - and we respectively gave him his rank back. But after a while he heard rumors and somewhat peacefully left the franchise all-together.

Server Mod - N/A - Fired /w Aggression

After a while of playing he invited his crew onto our servers. Everything was fine until a report was filed against one of his crew members for supposedly cheating/exploiting. After spying on all of the team we noticed Jaxxen was spying on the owner - which is against the rules. Jaxxen was fired and banned for abuse.

Afterwards he made a few rants on the Unturned Reddit and the Steam forums 1

Server Mod - N/A - Fired

He was accepted to become a moderator, and on the very first day he got into a battle with me and my friend. Shortly after a few shots rang out he got behind cover and deliberately, right in our face, combat logged - Which was at the time against the rules.

Server Mod - N/A - Fired

Once he was accepted he immediately joined the server and started trying out commands, including some abusive ones like @teleport. He tried to do @spawn and @vehicle but when he realized he couldn't spawn in items he complained to me, asking "why wont you let me build?"


Server Mod - N/A - Fired

She was accepted, and afterwards she started playing the server with a fellow moderator

"she goes off because she died and lost gear that any player can easily obtain. Starts by calling the killer a camper and not stopping for anything. Furthermore, she expresses her idea to ban this player and change the vanilla server to a role play server. Keep in mind I'm writing this organized and polite without all the vulgarity involved with her outburst." - Jaxxen