Interested In Hosting With Us?

The Royal Arms Server Franchise was formed to combat all of the terribly hosted, terribly moderated, unfair, and unbalanced servers out there. Our servers all promote the same idea - To make sure everything and everyone is fair and equal, especially on the battlefield

Anyone can come to host with the Royal Arms Server Franchise if they wish to. You'd simply need to ask in our Discord

As long as you meet the qualifications to host with us, you can join us

Pledging to host alongside us would lift the burden of many server owner problems, such as -

  • Dealing with abusive staff
  • Installing & Updating drivers
  • Setting up plugins and server features
  • Choosing trustworthy and non-abusive staff
  • Having to advertise / promote your server(s)
  • Establishing / setting up a domain for your servers
  • Dealing with player questions, concerns, reports, etc
  • Maintaining and running an organized Server Discord
  • Configuring the Server-Host machine to run servers optimally
  • Dealing with Portforwarding, setting up complex databases like MySQL, other difficult tasks
  • And other things =)

The qualifications to join are very straightforward and simple -

  • Pledge to follow all hoster guidelines and rules
  • Pledge to follow all moderator guidelines and rules
  • Have a proper machine that can host a server(s)
  • Must meet all of our server standards // No P2W, Abuse, Voting Websites, Rented, so on
  • Have no bad history or reputation with the Franchise or the staff team themselves

As a hoster -

  • Your servers are expected to be on 24/7 with 98% uptime.
  • You can not give yourself admin, or a higher rank than what you're supposed to have.
  • As a hoster you will usually pick a universal title for your server machine. For instance, Rain's machine is called Eaglefire, and the Unturned servers hosted on it are respectively named Eaglefire #1, #2, etc. So long as the server title has [RA]
  • Even if you're a hoster, you're equal to every other staff member, and must respect the rules and fulfill your duties.
  • The most straightforward and expected method of setting up and maintaining the servers is through using TeamViewer. If you have a problem with this method you can read the FAQ below and talk to a Manager personally.

Once everything is setup your server(s) will be apart of the franchise, and you will have moderator status across all servers


Q: What do you do during the server setup?

A: We do a ton of things, but essentially we

  1. Have you install TeamViewer
  2. Collect some information about your machine (Nothing private, just Hardware Specs and Drivers)
  3. Check that your router can portforward properly
  4. Configure tons of windows settings and make firewall exceptions in windows, to make sure all internet traffic goes smoothly
  5. Setup the actual server(s), and customize it to the settings or plugins you want. As well as connecting the server to the RASF MySQL
    1. Or perhaps help setup a MySQL server on your machine if using ours is causing lag or performance issues
  6. Install some extra software like an Anti Virus if you don't already have one. If you don't want it, thats fine.
  7. Configure TeamViewer so that we may reconnect again much easier for future development and maintenance

Q: What if I don't trust you enough to let you connect over TeamViewer?

A: Well that is perfectly understandable. I understand privacy concerns and would like to remind you we would never snoop around your computer looking at your private files. You can still join the franchise, however, we obviously can not help setup the server(s) for you without direct access to the machine.

I'd also like to remind you that I, Rain, has personally been hosting servers for around 3-4 years as of 2019. I enjoy hosting, and I enjoy helping setup others to host. Our franchise already has multiple hosters whom trust us to handle their machines and on their behalf could say I and our fellow managers do a nice job.

After time when you have fun with us and start to trust us you can reassess your thoughts about it. We could also simply screen-share with no remote desktop control, albeit it will take a lot longer and will take up your personal time.

Q: What do you do on the server routinely?

A: We do a multitude of things to make sure the machine is running at it's peak performance as well as managing the servers and updating configs and plugins so that you don't have to. We also routinely connect to the machine to get a hands-on look and make sure no abuse is taking place on the servers to ensure the players are having the RASF abuse-free experience.

If you refuse and do not trust us to connect to your server machine then we use a GitHub page to distribute the latest and more up-to-date RASF files for downloading and installing.

Q: Can I be admin on my server?

A: No.

Nobody is admin on any of our servers. I run the Eaglefire servers, and I'm not even admin on them. This is to prevent people from having access to abusive commands such as spawning in items or etc. However, you will of course be a moderator on your server.

Moderators have the same commands as an admin, but are not allowed to do the more abusive commands, such as spawning in items for themselves. There are of course a few exceptions, such as RP servers, and so on (and maybe in other games besides Unturned where there may not be permission-based groups)

Q: As a hoster can I choose my own staff members?

A: Yes, a host may choose their own staff members for their servers if they wish to. However, the staff must still follow the guidelines everyone else follows. They can also apply to become an official staff member across all servers and not only yours. If a staff member you've hired on your server is caught abusing, punishment will be given and they are not allowed to be universal staff.

Q: I'm currently renting from a VPS or server hoster. Am I allowed to join the franchise?

A: Technically, yes. If you've already paid for a VPS your server is still eligible. As long as you plan to change over from the VPS to dedicated hosting sometime in the future, or have made a long-term contract with the VPS provider such as a bi-annual six month or annual 12 month contract.

However, if you are renting from a simple server-hoster and do not have direct access to the OS (aka you don't know the specs of the machine and can only interact with the server through an online web panel) then your server will not be eligible to join the franchise.

Q: How do you go about advertising?

A: I personally go around game-related discords advertising about the RASF in general, at which those people can join our discord or go onto our website and choose one of our servers / your server. I also go on quite a few other places such as steam forums, and we also partner with other discords to advertise each others content. In the future we hope to have our own YouTube friends to help promote new RASF servers or content. We can't guarantee that we'll make your server super popular, but we could definitely help spread it around and suggest subtle and big changes to get your server out there.

However, a large chunk of incoming players come from the servers themselves. Games such as Unturned have a centralized server-list which attracts players to the server. For example, my many Eaglefire servers may attract tons of people to the franchise, at which they may notice your server and choose to fancy that one. Or your server may bring in some players to the franchise, and they will notice other RASF servers and choose them. Players play what they want to play, and it's almost as if our servers mutually advertise each others <3

Q: Is there anything else RASF could physically do for my server?

A: The short answer is of course.

When hosters have been around for a long time we trust them, and we will spend donation money to order parts for such machines so that they may perform better.

We also have a few content creators in our discord that are willing to make content for your server(s) such as modeling, maps, plugins, artwork, music, etc. We also purchase paid plugins for use among all RASF servers so each hoster does not have to individually buy a plugin.

We also plan on setting up an option in the future so that players may choose to give a certain % of their donation money towards a specific hoster instead of all of it centrally into the franchise.

Q: Do I need to use TeamViewer over another remote desktop software?

A: We would appreciate using TeamViewer as it has become a nice standard among the franchise. It's easy, lightweight, and makes creating a list or record of hosters much simpler. If you're running a Windows Server then we may simply use Windows Remote Desktop instead to access the machine.

Q: I have a few more questions...

A: You can ask us anything in our Discord server! :D