Here at the RASF every single donation goes towards upgrading our server hardware for better performance, and etc. Primarily upgrading the CPU, adding more RAM, and setting up a RAID to protect our server data, and a plethora of other things that benefit the players.

We have a donation rank for anyone that donates 5$ or more, that offers no kits, unfair permissions, or etc to ensure everything is fair for everyone. However, the rank gives various, neat cosmetic-based rewards that vary across different servers or games, but it does offer some nice features such as -

  • Universal donator rank across all RASF servers :^)
  • Yellow Donator Chat Prefix and Color for all games applicable ;^)
  • Yellow Discord Donator Chat Color and Prefix ^w^
  • 20$+ Donators receive a special Purple version owo?
  • Access to a private chat that only donators and regulars are able to use OwO?!?
  • Getting your name put on the list of epic gamers as a thanks~ x3
  • Game-specific donator perks or abilities (refer to the donation section of that particular game!)
  • Contributing to and supporting the development, growth, and maintenance of all the servers! :D

Click Here To Donate

You are free to "gift" people donator rank

Put in the note your full Discord Username

Do NOT tick "Paying for good or service" as this is a donation to a non-profit organization, not a product or merchandise

After sending the donation go to our support chat to verify, and claim donator status <3