Before you even think about applying you must meet the requirements as follows

  • Must be active
  • Age 14 or older
  • Must be mature
  • Must be unbiased
  • Must have a fully functioning microphone
  • Must type with fluent grammar and spelling
  • Must be non-discriminating against race, age, gender, online identity, etc
  • Must be calm, nice, and use the uttermost care when dealing with or chatting with players
  • Must be experienced in the game in order to help people with any kind of game-related questions
  • Have no bad history or reputation with the Franchise or the staff team themselves (nor be associated with such)
  • Pledge to follow all moderator guidelines and rules

We expect a long, filled out application. The longer, and more thorough your application is the higher chances you have of being accepted. When citing previous servers you've been staff for (if any) link us to the owners steam profile so we can validate you were staff. Please use proper grammar and spelling start to finish.

After you are approved, we may ask you more questions, and we will also invite you to voice chat and chill with us in a game. If you seem like a toxic / mean person, then we'll reverse our decision.

Also our application process takes time, as people that are already staff must vote whether or not you should or shouldn't be apart of the RASF staff team.

Finally, once you are done filling it out notify us on Discord that you've sent your application